THE EXPENDABLES 3 cast with Nicholas Cage, Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford

Producer Avi Lerner revealed to Total Film magazine that he had offers Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Nicolas Cage, Mickey Rourke and Wesley Snipes to cast in The Expendables 3.

"I approached Clint Eastwood for the role. We have a character created especially for him. I spoke with Harrison Ford and Wesley Snipes for when they get out of jail. Nicolas Cage has already agreed to play one of the roles. And we will bring back Mickey Rourke. Of course with current distribution" said Avi Lerner.

The idea of The Expendables franchise belongs to Sylvester Stallone who in 2010 wrote, directed, co-produced and starred in the first film that made revenues of 274 million dollars.

The Expendables 2 directed by Simon West was released this summer and stars Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren, Jason Stathm, Jet Li, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Terry Crews, Randy Couture, and Liam Hemsworth. This time Stallone was involved only as an actor and screenwriter.

"Every actor in this movie had a brilliant career. Bring them all to pile was a small miracle," said Stallone's movie calls it a unique event. "You can not do this many times in his career" - he told Stallone.

Heroes of the first film The Expendables, come together when Mr. Church (Bruce Willis) calls for a team seemingly easy task.

 THE EXPENDABLES 3 cast with Nicholas Cage, Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford

Last Friday production The Expendables 2 was released in the U.S., shortly after reaching # 1 at the box office. To the delight of fans of Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris and Van Damme, who have the first opportunity to see them in action all together, along with other famous names of movies were the explosions and weapons come first, The Expendables 2 has grossed U.S. $ 28.6 million, putting the leaders in weekly top-grossing films in cinemas.

Media speculation about the distribution of the third part of the series have already started to appear in spite of predictions total displaced several names, including that of Sean Connery, is circulated even producers. According to producer Avi Lerner, Nicholas Cage, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford and Wesley Snipes is in talks to take a role in The Expendables 3! However there are exceptions.

Asked yesterday what he thought about speculation in the press, Chuck Norris said that if The Expendables 3 will arrive back in production, it will not be part of the cast: "That was for me. Only movie number 2. However this was very special for me.'s Just for the simple fact that I did a movie with these guys that I know many, many years." The real reason Chuck Norris did not want the next movie The Expendables not know yet, officially.

The Expendables 2 A New Extended Trailer

The Expendables 2 image
Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) and his team of mercenaries are ready again to play havoc with the new extended trailer for The Expendables 2.

Having released 12 posters for each character in the film and after a simple teaser trailer that showed the distribution for the sequel The Expendables, behold we have the first trailer is explosive production expanded in every sense of the word, material was directed by none other than Simon West (Con Air, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider).

The Expendables 2 A New Extended Trailer

One of the first things that stand out in this new trailer for The Expendables 2, is how good the scene of action, in terms of editing the movie and, from the first film.
Simon West could not fit better as a director for this film, only he knows how to stage such images explosive and full of testosterone, as evidenced by the trailer you're about to watch is where we part and a small preview of the fight between Stallone and Jean-Claude Van Damme.
The Expendables 2 already has an advantage over its predecessor by including extended scenes with Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzeneger that comes in this case we take a famous reply "Im Back".

So far there is no real indication of the story for The Expendables 2, the team of mercenaries joins to avenge the death of a colleague (Mickey Rourke??), But since the marketing for such a film is focused on famous name the cast and the show offered, we do not expect many people to become caught in traps each character of the story twisted.

The Expendables 3 movie

The Expendables 2 will surely bring to the screen a number of celebrities that will eclipse any scenario and if the movie will bring world cinema to action certainly will bring a rare distribution that has garnered.
Sylvester Stallone co-wrote and directed his first film, which paid off even better using the names of stars Stallone action that brought this project.

Jason Statham joining Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, Randy Couture, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris, Liam Hemsworth, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger Nan Yu will blow pipes will warm atmosphere and weapons in The Expendables 2, directed by Simon West and all this sounds like we're about to see a sequel much better then the movie will be released in theaters worldwide starting on 17 August 2012.

The Expendables 3 rumors

What will be next? There are rumors on the internet that the third movie The Expendables 3 will be done after they finish the second movie. Release date of The Expendables 3 is rumored for summer 2013 (personally I thing will be 2014 or later, because 2013 is too soon). News and rumors about EX3 will be here as soon as they will be available.

The first official trailer for The Expendables 2

The first official trailer for The Expendables 2012 Here we have the first official trailer for The Expendables 2, we can see for the first time Arnold, Stallone, Bruce Willis and Chuck Norris what they can do together.

Sly and his company have returned and are more upset than ever. Lionsgate Studios today launched the first official teaser trailer for the film directed by Simon West - The Expendables 2.

The Expendables 2 Trailer Official

The old-school band of mercenaries led by Stallone, announces a new action hero blockbuster movie. The new film brings together for the first time Arnold Schwarzenegger (64), Sylvester Stallone (65) Bruce Willis (56) and Chuck Norris (71 years). There are stars that have redefined action movies and their productions collected (over 160 in number) boasts revenues of over 7.5 billion dollars.

Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone), Lee Christmas (Lee Statham), Yin Yang (Jet Li), Gunnar Jensen (Dolph Lundgren), Toll Road (Randy Couture) and Hale Caesar (Terry Crews), along with new recruits Billy the Kid (Liam Hemsworth) and Maggie (Yu Nan) meet when Mr. Church (Bruce Willis) to bring a new mission.

When one of their men have been killed, they swears revenge and the heroes of sacrifice go to uncharted territory where all odds are against them. But they will be able to do anything to avenge his brother. The film has an estimated budget of 100 million dollars and will be launched in August 2012. The film was shot in Bulgaria.

More details and The Expendables 2 trailer 2 will be as soon as possible along with the DVD and Blu-ray links.

Trailer The Expendables 2 Movie 2012 Titled EX2

The Expendables 2 Movie 2012 The Expendables 2: got the script, who is directing? The news that the fans certainly enjoyed the movie that brought together most action stars per square meter than any other movie genre, The Expendables, is that it is working on a sequel, but apparently, with some changes. One of them is designed to Sylvester Stallone, who, according to 24 frames, will not sign to direct the future production scenario.

The Expendables 2 Trailer

Information about a sequel to the heroes of sacrifice have occurred since last summer, when Stallone said "I have an idea ready to be implemented," adding "I will try to bring something completely different this time." He transferred his creative process but Ken Kaufman and David Agosto (the latter being the author of Curious George Space Cowboys), who finished the script and best director, sources indicate by 24 frames is planning a series of meetings to deal and this position.

We currently do not know about the new adventure that will be in The Expendables 2 movie but according to statements made so far by Stallone, we can be sure that it will remove the old characters to add some new ones.

Bruce Willis might be reserved for a key role as a super-antagonist, and among those in the sequel would include Jean-Claude Van Damme, Hulk Hogan, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Charlie Sheen, Chuck Norris, Lorenzo Lamas and ... Arnold Schwarzenegger. Together they could appear in a number of fighters known movie, Stallone still referring to it as "a love letter to the martial arts".

The Expendables first movie appeared in 2010 and has grossed 274 million dollars worldwide. Stallone directed, scripted, with David Callaham and played in the role of Barney Ross, the team leader of mercenaries. The Expendables 2 will be produced by Millennium Films and released in 2012. The Expendables 2 movie trailer will be here for sure as soon as possible, until then down here you can see again the first movie trailer:

A poster for the movie was released and is presented down here:

Expendables 2012

The second poster for EX2 was released few days ago: